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Vom Weidebach Kennel

VDD Registered Kennel since 1983.

Welcome to my website.  As an avid hunter, I very much enjoy the companionship of a highly proficient hunting dog.  I have been breeding dogs for over 30 years for the sole purpose of my hunting enjoyment. I encourage you to read the information about my kennel, the breed of my dogs, and the breeding standards to which I adhere.  If you ever have any questions, you can contact me.   Fred.


Rosie: Top dog at the Premiere Armbruster Test

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Picture of RosieRosie Vom Weidebach
Top Dog at the 2002 Premier Armbruster Test

Armbruster Awards Rosie Vom Weidebach was the High Scoring Dog, and the Top Water Dog at the 2002 Premiere Armbruster HZP test at Aberdeen South Dakota Oct. 2-5, 2002. Her final score was 202 ½ points in the Armbruster and 192 points in the HZP.  This included a inpressive perfect #12 for her water skills.

My dog Rosie is a friend to everyone she sees. But she is more than simply a friend, she is a delight to hunt behind for upland game and waterfowl.  Her abilities to track, retrieve, and point are unparalleled.  She uses due caution when tracking upland game, and has a true love for the water.

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The Verein Deutsch Drahthaar Organization

The Verein Deutsch Drahthaar (VDD) organization was founded in May, 1902. With more than 10,000 current members, it is the largest hunting dog breeder organization. The VDD is a member of the Jagdgebrauchshundeverband (JGHV) [translated as Hunting Dog User Association] and is associated with the Verband fur das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH) and the FCI [translated as Association for German Dog Affairs]. The VDD organization is composed of 34 regional groups throughout many countries, including the U.S.A. and Canada.

The VDD's goal is to develop a breed of hunting dogs possessing a keen nose with: a strong pointing instinct; good temperament; a great desire to retrieve from both land and water; significant stamina; and a wiry, thick, hard coat and thick undercoat that will not hamper the dog's work in the water. The dogs must be intelligent, easy to train, and have a character compatible with living in our homes or very near the home.

Breed Standard

The Deutsch Drahthaar (DD) is a mid-size dog. The shoulder height varies for males from 61 cm to 67cm, and the females from 57 cm to 64 cm. The hard, wiry, tight-fit coat with thick undercoat offers protection from moisture, cold, reeds, and thorns. The dark eyes with extended eyebrows and their typical beard gives the DD his special appearance. Color of the DD is mostly Brsch, Braun m. Brfl.), Braun, or Schwsch.

Bred & Born to Hunt

The DD is a passionate, hard working dog with lots of endurance. He is friendly and is a great companion in the field or in the home. And as the availability of open hunting areas declines, it becomes even more important for us to own a versatile dog, like the DD, that will be efficient before and after the shot, on any game the hunter wants to bag.

The DD, as with any dog, needs training. With proper obedience training and exposure to game, he will become the great hunter that he was bred for -- to produce and retrieve game. The versatile DD was specially bred to track and locate live, crippled, or wounded game. We hunters do not wish to leave game in the field, and the DD is capable and persistent in his desire to track, locate and retrieve all upland game, including rabbits & all fur animals. His desire to track and retrieve crippled game in water is unmatched. When used to hunt upland game, the DD searches persistently with a sharp nose in order to complete the task and please his owner. The dog can track and point with intensity as well as style, allowing his master to approach, take the shot, and make the retrieve on command -- and that's the thrill of the hunt!

VDD Testing Program

The basic mission of the VDD testing program is to measure the inherited tendencies (disposition) of the young dog for versatile hunting and breeding stock. Testing to a breed standard is imparitive for keeping and improving the quality of the DD. Testing starts with the young dog the following year of his whelping date. There are three tests through the dog's development; first the VJP (natural ability); second the HZP (advance natural ability); and finally the VGP (utility-fully trained dog). To be included in the VDD breeding program, all dogs used for breeding must have been tested through at two of these tests, as well as be certified through a breed show where physical traits are evaluated and judged.

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Vom Weidebach Kennel Info

My kennel, the Vom Weidebach Kennel, is a VDD-compliance kennel established in 1983 and registered in Berlin, Germany. Every puppy is tested and bred according to the strict VDD breeding standards and regulations. All breeding is supervised by the VDD breeding warden. Each puppy has its registration number tattooed in its right ear by the breed warden before leaving the kennel.

I am first and foremost a hunter, and strive to improve every breed by producing top-quality gun dogs with hard, dense coats. My dogs are versatile and ideal for hunting waterfowl, fur, and upland game. I'm interested in producing quality, not quantity, and produce only one or two litters of puppies each year.

I guarantee my puppies to leave my kennel healthy, and wormed, with all up-to-date immunizations.

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Litter May 16, 2008 - Sold
Rosie vom Weidebach and Elk III Wachtersbach

Rosie is a great hunting dog on upland game, tracking and in the water. She is a delight to hunt behind and her ability to produce game while searching in the field, tracking or in the water, retrieving and field pointing is unparalled. Rosie was the highest scoring dog at Premiere Armbruster HZP test and the top water dog in 2002. Rosie is very friendly and loves people. She has a very nice coat and beard.

Elk was a German import as a puppy from the Wachterbach Kennel from Germany. Elk is a great looking dog loaded with natural ability. He is a very friendly dog that is hard working in the field and willing to please his owner. His test scores show his ability to point, track, water work and retrieve what ever game you put him on.

I think the pups from Rosie and Elk will be excellent hunting dogs and companions in the field and at home for many years.

Below are some pictures and the test scores for your review.  (Click on the photo for a full view).

  VDD Scores Color
VJP HZP Armbruster VGP Breed Show
Rosie Vom Weidebach Picture of RosiePicture of Rosie 71 192 202 1/2 - Form:10/VG Hair:11/VG Brsch
Elk III Wachtersbach Picture of Elk pointingPicture of Elk pointing
Picture of Elk pointingPicture of Elks head
Picture of Elks headPicture of Elks body
77 183 194 300 Prize I Form:11/VG Hair:11/VG Brown Spurlaut

Update: 06/10/2008 Sorry all pups have been sold.

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Photo Album

These are some of the Vom Weidebach dogs bred in my kennel over the past 18 years.  (Click on the photo for a full view).

Adult Dogs:
Alf Alf Inka Alf and Ella Pointing Farah pointing
Alf Alf Inka Ella & Alf Farah

Fox Pointing Nora pointing in snow Nora pointing in brush Picture of Rosie Rosie pointing in corn
Fox Nora Nora Rosie Rosie



Fred holding puppyNora as puppy pointingNora as a puppy pointingPuppy runningPuppy in the snow


Fred & Bryan with game birds 2002Bryan and Nora with GameFred and Bryan with game 1998Fred with Goose 1998

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Contact Information

If you are interested in more information on my puppies, please feel free to call or write. I'll be glad to answer any questions you have.

Fred Kadel
910 Willow Drive
Geneseo, IL 61254
Phone: (309) 944-4857
Email: fakadel@drahthaar.net
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